Columbus Hope for Haiti

I’ve been at the “Columbus Hope for Haiti” fundraiser since 6AM; what an “affirming” experience! Things are tough here at home, but there’s been a steady stream of people driving through the donation lines and by 3PM, we’d accepted over $85,000. Wonder what the total will be when we finish at 7PM? (Columbus Hope for Haiti is a cooperative venture between the City of Columbus and most of the local TV, radio, and print media, and the ARC. Everyone forgot about competing for a day to pitch in for Haiti!) The reports we’re getting suggest that the relief program is becoming more effective every day. The ARC is working with other charities and government organizations providing more 3 million pre-packaged meals, more than 1 million water purification packets and thousands of jerry cans so people can collect and transport clean drinking water. We’re also distributing blankets, tarps, soap, hygiene supplies, kitchen sets and first aid supplies. And we’ll be in Haiti for a long time … moving from the emergency to the recovery phase as soon as possible. Check out if you’d like additional details about how the Red Cross will spend donations. I know we’ll do a good job.  -Michael Carroll

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