Cricket’s Yips and Tips

It’s cold out there! And like a lot of small and/or short-haired dogs, I wear a coat when I venture outside in the cold. In honor of Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th, let’s get bundled up! Of course if your pet does not like dressing up, it’s best to find someone else to dress.

In a pet first aid class, pet parents might learn how to bandage an injured cat’s leg or a dog’s bleeding foot before heading to the vet’s office. In many cases, the pet will try to remove the bandage. But if the pet is accustomed to being dressed, it may be more likely to leave a bandage alone. I’m not saying that every Doberman should wear a dress – but there may be an advantage to having your pet accustomed to having clothing put on him/her. Wrap a bandage around your pet’s leg and tie it on. Try to divert your pet’s attention with a game or activity and see if the bandage stays in place. Keep trying until your pet accepts the bandage and you will both be better prepared for a pet first aid emergency.

One thought on “Cricket’s Yips and Tips

  1. What a great suggestion, Cricket! I’ve never thought about how I would KEEP a bandage on Tinker (my dog), just how to put it on. She would definitely tear it off! I’m gonna practice with her this weekend.


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