Winter Driving. What Fun!

In preparation for tomorrow’s snowfall, and the countless snowfalls we will experience this season, a few tips to keep you safe. 

Here's what happens during ice storms in Norway!


  • Keep your gas tank full to prevent it from freezing and so you are ready to drive if necessary. (Unlike my boss who discovered a frozen gas tank door thingy on her way to work this week. Of course, the tank was only 1/4 full and she had to turn back!)


  • Have a disaster survival kit ready in the car.  The kit should include several blankets, newspapers (which you can stuff in your clothes to provide insulation, it’s the newest fashion, trust me), first aid kit, water, food, flashlight, contact information for family members, maps, hats and mittens.  Also have kitty litter and a shovel in the trunk in case you get stuck on the ice.


  • If you get stuck in a snow bank, call for help immediately, and make sure it is someone who can actually help (unlike my girlfriend, who called me when she was in a snow bank. I could have helped if I had been closer, but I was in Las Vegas at the time!).  Tie a brightly colored cloth to the antenna and raise the hood if it’s not snowing. 


  • If you are waiting in you car put on all clothing, blankets or newspapers and turn on the motor and heater for 10 minutes every hour.  While in the car, keep moving your legs and arms, do not fall asleep and don’t eat snow as it will lower your body temperature.  Remember towing companies may take several hours to respond, especially during a large storm.


Last but not least – take some time to enjoy the winter weather!

4 thoughts on “Winter Driving. What Fun!

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