A mother turns to the Red Cross for help

Nathaniel and Kim Jackson

On March 2nd 2009 Kim Jackson lost her mother and what felt like a long-time friend. She had been her mother’s caregiver and her sudden death was taking its toll.  She desperately needed to contact her son.  When Nathaniel enlisted in the Navy she received all sorts of information, the most important piece being American Red Cross contact information. “They tell us to keep it in a safe place in case we would need it. Not knowing if and when I would, I put the contacts in my desk drawer at home,” said Kim. With emotions running high she made the call to the Red Cross.

“As I started crying on the phone I wasn’t able to give them much information…not even his social security number,” she said. However, the information was enough for the Red Cross to locate Nathaniel and provide the military with the details to grant him emergency leave from Norfolk, Virginia. The Red Cross Service to Military Families program provides support to service members and their families during a family crisis.  Kim was able to have the comfort of her son at her side during that difficult time because of the Red Cross’ commitment to our military community. “Thank you is just not enough…there really aren’t words to express my appreciation for what you do for the families of our service men and women,” said Kim.     

Thanks to Julie Frim, Communication and Marketing Intern, for this post.

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