The definition of dignity

Webster’s defines dignity as the quality or state of being worthy.  The other day I defined it as the ability for a gentleman to give me directions on how to get to his dialysis appointment.  Aging takes many things away from people: independence, worthiness and health among others, but it doesn’t have to take away their dignity. As a volunteer Community Transportation driver, I try to give my passengers a little dignity back each week. Even if I know the way to their appointment, I allow my passengers to tell me how to go and also go the route they feel is the best way. I know it is a little thing, but it makes them feel important and necessary.  If that is the least I can do for my passengers, to make them feel needed, then it has been a good day. 

I enjoy being a Community Transportation driver.  I love getting to know all my passengers and helping them out in some small way each week. Lean more about our program and how to join me!

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