Cricket's Holiday Gift Ideas

Cricket in her holiday best!


Pets have it good during the holidays – we ‘come as we are’ to parties and we are never expected to shop for gifts. Although we don’t give holiday gifts, we are usually happy to receive them. I put gifts that people give their pets into three main categories. Category one is things I can eat (my favorite category.) Category two contains all the things I can chew. The third category includes all the items that make me wonder: “Really?!? You know I’m a dog, right?” 

Gift giving is a wonderful holiday tradition that many of us want to continue, even when times are difficult. That is why many people have been choosing to give more meaningful gifts this year. The American Red Cross Gift of the Month is a thoughtful gift that includes many important necessities that will bring help and hope to those touched by disaster all year-long. The Gift of the Month provides, among many other things, food served to those staying in Red Cross shelters and food delivered to people in disaster areas – things from my favorite gift category. 

Check out the Red Cross Gifts that Save the Day catalog for more great ideas. We even have useful stocking stuffers that won’t leave the recipient wondering, “really?!?” Happy holidays!

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