Secrets to Red Cross Shopping

The holidays are approaching, and like many I am scrambling to get gifts for my family.  Luckily for me this year, I am now an employee of the American Red Cross, and my family will be wearing the cross everywhere they go!

I can give you the secrets to Red Cross shopping, first check out the Red Cross Store on our national headquarters’ website, there are tons of First Aid Kits, Disaster Preparedness Kits, books, and other safety equipment that you can get your family members.  I am getting my brother and his wife a Disaster Preparedness Kit, so that they can Be Red Cross Ready all year-long.

If you’re looking for clothing however, the store’s choices are slim, not to worry, many chapters have their own clothing that you can order and have shipped to you.  I personally enjoyed the ARC Be Prepared for anything Shirt from the Oregon Chapter website.

There are also many fleeces, jackets and coats available at other chapters, if you are looking for an extreme winter jacket, Colorado has the perfect one, but closer to home Cleveland has some great sweatshirts, and Cincinnati, has some wonderful fleeces and polos, happy hunting everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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