Wine, Women and Chocolate

Wine, Women & Chocolate Event

Recently the Red Cross Tiffany Circle hosted Wine, Women and Chocolate at Kathryn Gallery. The evening offered Tiffany members, and women interested in joining, a chance to mingle in the presence of beautiful art while enjoying fabulous wine and chocolate pairings from Sher-Bliss. Attendees also heard from Tiffany members about the group’s history, personal stories and information on upcoming events.

The Tiffany Circle is a nationwide society of women leaders and philanthropists. By investing in their local American Red Cross chapters, these women want to help change lives, save lives and strengthen their local community. Tiffany Circle members follow in a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross provide relief to victims of disaster and prevent, prepare for and respond to life’s emergencies.

The Columbus Tiffany Circle is seeking new members to take part in this prestigious society. Personal time commitment isn’t required. Recognizing that women have families and careers to look after, members decide how much they want to participate. Although, one evening with this group of lovely women, and you’ll want to be in their company—they’re inspiring.

Check out another blog post about the event from The Women’s Book Editor, TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney, here.

Thanks to Jeri Moore, C&M Intern, for this post.

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