We made a difference

Kaitlin, Kat, Mike, Sarah and Lynne carry the load

It’s been awhile now, but I wanted to tell you what our AmeriCorps members did in celebration of Make A Difference Day in October. All of our Red Cross AmeriCorps members gathered from chapters across Ohio to help the City of Gahanna clean-up the area along Big Walnut Creek, for their new bikeway.

We arrived to find a beautifully paved, new bike path spiraling through the woods.  A park representative explained what to look for, and then we were let loose. At first we were hesitant, only walking along paths and grabbing occasional pieces of paper.  But after delving deeper into the brush, amongst thorns and other dangerous-looking plants, Lindsey found a plastic gun. Others found old blankets into which trees had grown and pop cans older than any member there. Sarah (who deserves the “most enthusiastic award), started demanding a shovel to dig out a tire claiming she, “wanted it” and the search for better finds became competitive! 

We found the most interesting things including water heaters, desks, piles of tires, sheet metal, a toilet and…a kitchen sink. We must have filled over 15 garbage bags and made several giant piles of garbage.  It was a great feeling knowing that we were helping to clean up a beautiful piece of land and restore it for future generations.

The difference made on this day was to beautify a park which had been littered for decades, as noted by the expiration dates on the numerous pop cans. But one thing that will never expire, is the impact made via the good works of our AmeriCorps team.  Watch as we continue to serve in a community near you.

AmeriCorps is a government program that provides benefits to volunteers who serve in local and national organizations and agencies committed to using national service to address community needs in education, public safety, health and environment.  There are more than 1,400 AmeriCorps serving in Ohio this year including many at the American Red Cross.

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