I brought back more than souvenirs from vacation

I had a great time playing outdoors last year when I went on vacation. I ran all over, I rolled around in the grass and rested in the shade under the trees. When my vacation was over I went home with a souvenir of my trip – conjunctivitis.

By gently pulling down on the lower eyelid and pulling up the upper lid, you may see redness, swelling or discharge (watery, mucus or pus). The area may be painful or itchy. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a bacterial, viral or fungal infection – and it can be contagious to other cats or dogs. It can be caused by an allergy, a chemical irritation or a foreign object. Some breeds are predisposed to defects in the eyelid.

In any case, conjunctivitis requires a trip to the veterinarian. My vet gave me some medicine and I started to feel better right away. Now I’m looking forward to my next vacation. I’m not going to let a little conjunctivitis keep me away from the great outdoors! Pet Parent Tip: Know what to look for so you can provide the best care to your pet. Purchase your Dog First Aid manual today!

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