Germy Wormy…the next big thing?

Julie and her son Connor

I like many other parents across the country have been watching the news, reading the articles, and talking to friends about how to prevent the spread of H1N1. Telling my own son, things like “Don’t touch that, don’t put that in your mouth, have you washed your hands…” Before you gasp with fear that you have become your parents, those are good lessons to teach to protect your kids from germs.

As a mom of a very active four-year old little boy I have come across more tips to help your kids stay healthy. First, I found a Germy Wormy. Weird as it may seem it helps your child learn the importance of sneezing and coughing into the crook of their arm. Check it out here. My son would completely go for this…in fact I think he would want to wear two just so he could match!

Second, a tip that I can’t stress enough is 20 second-hand washing. We went out to eat last night and before eating we went straight to the restroom and stood at the sink singing the ABC’s as we washed our hands. The woman next to me thought that was the best idea ever, and I looked like super mom.

Lastly, I think when we send our kids off to daycare we feel like their health/safety is out of our control. I say not so. Don’t be afraid to ask your daycare about a contingency plan for an H1N1 outbreak and what preventive measures they are taking to help reduce the risk. Ask how you can help. Remember when it comes to your kids, you are the expert.

Thanks to Julie Frim, C&M Intern, for this post.

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