What I am giving this year

Even my son Jake's outfitted in Red Cross gear!

Every year since I started working for the Red Cross (that’s seven, count them, seven years) I think about showering my family with Red Cross kits, gear and gift certificates. Just when I thought I had maxed out this Red Cross gift option, “the cross” as my family so lovingly refers to my employer, comes out with something new – Gifts that Save the Day. For $75 I can fund a day’s food and shelter for a disaster victim in honor of one of my family members. How cool! That’s three warm meals, a cot, two blankets and personal supplies for someone who is staying in a Red Cross shelter becasuse their home has been destroyed by a flood, fire or other disaster.

I know that my family would appreciate a gift that can do so much for people in need.  A gift that really matters, a gift that saves the day! Check out all of the gift options here. Happy shopping!


P.S. wondering where Cricket’s post was yesterday? We gave her the day off..she had to rest after a holiday filled with traveling!

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