Cricket’s New Year’s Resolutions

1. Go for two walks every day     2. Lose ½ pound by next summer 3. Practice my escape plan in case of fire 4. Organize my toys 5. Save money 6. Brush my teeth more often 7. Volunteer 8. Don’t fight with my brother — as much 9. Restock my emergency kit 10. Donate to…… Continue reading Cricket’s New Year’s Resolutions

The Twelve Days of Holiday Safety…a new twist on an old classic

1.      Prepare your vehicle for traveling to grandmother’s house. Make an emergency kit and include items such as blankets or sleeping bags, jumper cables, fire extinguisher (5 lb., A-B-C type), compass and road maps, shovel, tire repair kit and pump, extra clothing, flares, tow rope. 2.      Drive your sleigh and reindeer safely. Avoid driving in…… Continue reading The Twelve Days of Holiday Safety…a new twist on an old classic

Columbus Parent's 12 Days of Giving

Our Red Cross is the featured charity on Columbus Parent’s website today as part of its 12 Days of Giving Campaign. Take a look and read the story of the Christensens, a local family of six who received Red Cross assistance after their home caught fire. The Christensen’s have been very helpful this year, letting us tell…… Continue reading Columbus Parent's 12 Days of Giving

The definition of dignity

Webster’s defines dignity as the quality or state of being worthy.  The other day I defined it as the ability for a gentleman to give me directions on how to get to his dialysis appointment.  Aging takes many things away from people: independence, worthiness and health among others, but it doesn’t have to take away…… Continue reading The definition of dignity