Things to be thankful for…

We are thankful for our volunteers and supporters who make our work possible, but we thought you would like to hear some thanks straight from those who benefit from your support:


“I have a whole new respect for the Red Cross.”  -Quentin, Gahanna resident whose home was destroyed by fire.


“I can’t tell you what the help means to me.”  – Darryl, Columbus man whose home went up in an early morning blaze.


“The Red Cross never gave up. I felt like they did everything they could and I was pleased with their effort.” – Mindy, Worthington mother who turned to the Red Cross to get an emergency message to her son serving away from home in the armed forces.


“Thank you is just not enough…there really aren’t words to express my appreciation for what you do for the families of our service men and women!”  -Kim, Columbus mother who used Red Cross emergency communications to get in touch with her son serving in the navy.


To the world the American Red Cross is the helping hand during times of disaster. We are simply the vessel with which people are given the opportunity to perform extraordinary acts. Thank you for your support. Happy Thanksgiving!

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