Is anyone ever "fire-resistant"? Do what you can to stay safe this Thanksgiving

Thanks to Yahoo Video for this great pic!

We thought it appropriate to bring this post back for a second year. Safety tips never go out of style!

Having responded to so many house and apartment fires over the years has had me running through the house like some mad man on a mission. Based on seeing a lot of the things I’ve seen and what actually caused a lot of house fires to start, I found myself changing some of my family’s day to day habits and purchasing some items for my home. Recent additions include an iron, coffee maker and curling iron/hair apparatus thingamajig that all have automatic shut-offs and an upgraded smoke detection system that sounds ALL detectors when any single detector goes off. In addition, we now never run the dryer or dishwasher when we aren’t home, are much more cautious on overloaded extension cords and clean our dryer vent on a regular basis.

I always considered myself somewhat “fire-resistant” in my home, but it seems as though you are NEVER “fire-resistant”. Still hasn’t prevented me from getting halfway to work and turning around to see if the stove is turned off, but certainly steps in the right direction. Make sure you are taking the right steps to stay safe this Thanksgiving with these tips. Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Is anyone ever "fire-resistant"? Do what you can to stay safe this Thanksgiving

  1. I just got a StoveTop FireStop to give to my mother for Thanksgiving. It’s an fire extinguisher for the kitchen cooktop that basically works automatically when flame activated. We had an unattended cooking fire about ten years ago that burned half of our house down. 😦


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