Teaching a 10-year-old CPR- It can be done!


After retiring from Delta Airlines, Jody Wilson was approached by a friend that suggested the Red Cross as her next gig. Having been trained yearly in CPR and first aid at Delta, Wilson wanted part-time experience in training and instructing. In May she joined the Red Cross as a  health and safety instructor teaching CPR and First Aid.

Wilson loves the challenge of preparing for the “unique audience” she teaches to, and feels one of the greatest benefits—as she describes—is seeing her students being able to do the skills at the end of the course. One class stands out for Wilson, she explains, “A 10-year-old boy showed up to learn adult CPR, AED and first aid. He was with his dad but he was so excited about being there. He got a 100% on his skills and a 100% on his written test.”

As you can see from the example above CPR/AED and first aid can be a family affair. “It was just such a pleasure to have the boy in class and to know that someone that young is so eager to learn how to save a life,” says Jody.  Make your CPR/AED and first aid training a family affair. Sign up for a class today!

Thanks to C&M Intern Jeri Moore for this post.

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