Chest Compressions "How To": Know the basics


Compression-Only CPR enables untrained bystanders to react and respond when they witness an adult or adolescent suddenly collapse. Even when administering compression-only CPR it is important to know proper hand placement and pressure. Check out our “First Aid and CPR for Everyone” Compression-Only CPR trainer.  This at-home kit includes a tool made out of sponge-like material that helps people practice applying the appropriate amount of pressure to administer chest compressions and don’t forget to take a full CPR/AED/First Aid course to fully prepare for emergencies.

2 thoughts on “Chest Compressions "How To": Know the basics

    1. We offer the First Aid and CPR for Everyone, which allows the public to become familiar with life-saving information. To take your training a step farther we have CPR/AED and First Aid courses available in greater Columbus. You can take courses in the traditional, classroom setting or choose our web-based learning option which includes online instruction/learning and an in-house skills session to review/desmonstrate the skills associated with CPR/AED and First Aid. Check out all of the options on our website at


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