I Have Fallen In Love…

I have fallen in love with one of my passengers whom I take to dialysis when I volunteer as a Community Transportation driver. Just for the record, he is married (62 years) and I am married (25 years), but we both look forward to the days I get to pick him up. Mr. F (don’t you just love the spy-like fee to this story!) has been going to dialysis three times a week, 52 weeks a year, for over seven years. As you can imagine this is a huge burden on his family and Red Cross transportation has really been a blessing to them. Mr. F’s wife is older and unable to drive him back and forth every other day to dialysis. His children and grandchildren work and go to school so this service is invaluable for Mr. F and his family.

Mr. F always brightens my day by telling me how special I am. He gives me words of wisdom on marriage, family and parenting. He recently told me a story about riding a warship across the Pacific Ocean when he went away to serve in WWII. This voyage convinced Mr. F that he never wanted to go on a pleasure cruise after he got out of the military! Mr. F is such a wonderful person with a great attitude in a difficult situation. I have loved getting to know him, and in case you wondered, I have told my husband of my “Friday boyfriend”!

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