Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

For most pets, Halloween does not rate very high on our list of fun holidays. It is really a holiday for the people in our lives. Sure, I look soooooooo cute in my Halloween costume. And I can even tolerate wearing it and posing for photos — for about three minutes. That is where my interest in Halloween ends.


I’d love to get my paws on that big bowl of candy by the front door, but all I get are regular old dog treats. “Candy is bad for dogs,” Mom says. Sure, candy causes obesity and tooth decay in pets like it does in people and I probably don’t brush my teeth as often as I should, but it smells really good and I want it anyway. I think some of the best smells come from the chocolate candy but I’m not allowed to have any chocolate. Besides causing tooth decay and obesity, the theobromine in chocolate is poison to pets. If you suspect that your pet has chocolate poisoning, call your veterinarian immediately.


I know that the strange-looking creatures in the house are my own people, but the rest of the world seems full of scary things running around outside and making lots of noise. And worst of all, they ring my doorbell. Some pets become overwhelmed and excited during the trick-or-treating and one common reaction for them is to run away. Never leave pets outdoors on Halloween: they may jump a fence or dig under a fence to escape even if they have never done it before. Protect your pets by putting them in a quiet room away from open doors, scary strangers and chocolate. Happy Halloween!

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