Our CEO Covers His Cough, Does Yours?

Cover Your Cough...Our CEO does it best!
Cover Your Cough...Our CEO does it best!

A brown paper bag full of cleaning supplies was sitting on my desk today encouraging the office to clean, stay healthy and to prevent H1N1. If you’re like me, then you’re not thinking too much about H1N1, but we should be. Everyone is susceptible, especially those working closely with others. Let’s be honest, how many of us come in contact with others at some point during the day? Most of us do.


As work continues, we need to consider our co-workers’ health and not contaminate the air with our germs. Estimates suggest that 25 to 40 percent of your workforce will be affected and unable to work due to illness, taking care of sick loved ones or fear of becoming ill.


Prevention is the best way to make sure any office remains fully staffed. If our CEO Michael Carroll is willing to cough into his own arm and have his picture taken to help spread the word, then we all can.


You may be wondering why I’m not suggesting a tissue. The truth is, we can’t always grab a tissue in time for a sudden cough and they’re not always within reach; your arm can move as quickly as you want it to and it’s always with you.


Don’t be the only one coughing into your arm at work; tell your co-workers, managers, directors and your CEO. The topic should be addressed prior to an illness occurring so that the proper plan can be put into action.


Spread the word, not the flu.

 Thanks to Jeri Moore, Communication and Marketing Intern for this post!

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