Calling the Red Cross…One Mother's Story

Jeri Moore an intern in our Communications Department recently spoke with Patricia, a local resident whose son is serving in the Army. Several times in the last year and a half her family has placed a call to the Red Cross during a family emergency. Here is her story:


Joshua is currently serving with the Army in Iraq.
Joshua is currently serving with the Army in Iraq.

In 2008 Patricia’s  husband Ron became very ill. At that time her son Joshua was serving in the Army and was stationed in Fort Drum, New York. To reach him quickly, Patricia’s daughter Allison turned to the American Red Cross. Joshua returned home quickly and fortunately, his father survived.


Then, in June 2009 Patricia’s mother died. This time she contacted the American Red Cross to inform Joshua of the news. “He was home within 30 hours of her death,” says Patricia. “Joshua was able to attend her funeral and all of the services. She played a very important role in his life.” The family relied on the American Red Cross Emergency Communication service two times within a two-year span, both with great results.


“The American Red Cross was very pleasant. They asked for a lot of details and made a follow-up call after I gave them the information to make sure it was right,” says Patricia. “I was very surprised at how quickly the American Red Cross got to his commander. It was a blessing.”


Joshua recently left for Iraq, and while Patricia hopes she won’t have to contact the American Red Cross again, she will if necessary. She is confident that her son will receive messages quickly if there is a need.


Good luck  Joshua. We will be thinking of you and thank you for your service! Learn more about our Service to Military Families program here.

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