Changing Lives, One Elevator Ride at a Time

Stacie instructs a group of Somali women with the help of an interpreter.
Stacie instructs a group of Somali women with the help of an interpreter.

Hi! I am Stacie Pelton, one of our Instructor Trainers at the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus. I love my work with the Red Cross because I get the opportunity to change peoples’ perceptions about training! Some of my students are new employees who have been in orientations for weeks, only to take one more class from that “CPR lady”, or child care providers who are taking their state mandated 45 hours of continuing education in addition to caring for children forty or more hours a week!

What amazes me most is the response I receive from students after they complete their class. After one Infant/Child CPR class, a woman handed me her course evaluation, and asked me to read it. Okay, I thought, this has never happened before. She wrote in her evaluation that two of her grandchildren had died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. She felt that had someone around them been trained in Infant CPR, they might have survived. She was extremely thankful to be trained so that nothing like that would happen in her family again. Wow! I gave her a hug and thanked her for coming to class. Sometimes one quiet, polite person can make a huge impression in your life!

At another Infant and Child CPR class, a wonderful woman, who was new to the United States, had never ridden an elevator. The class was being held at the Greater Columbus chapter building, which houses an elevator, and she wanted to know if I would ride it with her. She was scared. Another student heard her ask me, and said “she doesn’t have time to ride an elevator with you!” My response was “Sure I do! Let’s go!” I was happy to help this woman learn to use our technology, even if it meant just joining her on the elevator ride to the first floor! One other recent experience I had also validated that I am proud to work for the American Red Cross. I recently took my 10-year-old nephew Will and his new friend out to dinner. The friend asked very innocently, “Aunt Stacie, where do you work?” Before I could answer, Will stated confidently, “my Aunt Stacie teaches people to save lives!” That’s not a bad way to explain it. Thanks, buddy! If you haven’t done so in a while, sign up to take a CPR or First Aid class with us. You never know whose life you may save. See you there!

One thought on “Changing Lives, One Elevator Ride at a Time

  1. Stacie, you are such a great example of the caring and compassionate people who work and volunteer at the American Red Cross. Thanks for all that you do and for sharing your experiences with us. Your nephew sounds like a doll – what a great example you are setting for him!


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