Cricket's Yips 'N Tips: Our New Weekly Feature!

Cricket Oldham, Doggie Blogger
Cricket Oldham, Doggie Blogger

Daylight Savings Time will end on November 1, 2009. This may not seem to be a very important date for most pets, as few of us have to worry about getting to work on time;  but the beginning and ending of daylight savings time can serve as very important safety reminders for those of us who hold down the fort at home while other family members are away all day.

This is a good time to remind your pet parent to buy replacement batteries for the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Although they get busy and forgetful sometimes, the end of daylight savings is an easy reminder to change those batteries. And in case there is a fire in your home, advise your pet parent to put a small note or a sticker on your door to let others know that you are inside. (See our Fire Prevention & Safety checklist here.)

You might also point out to your pet parent that it’s a great time to update your pet disaster supplies kit. If you have used any items from your kit during the last six months, now is the time to replace them. Also replace any items that have expired. My kit is in a duffel bag that is kept in the front hall closet. My medications and medical records are inside a waterproof container. I also have my own first aid kit, a harness, a leash, food, water, bowls and a can opener, among other items. I even have an old toy (Fluffy the rabbit) in my kit, so I will always have something familiar with me. We’ll be discussing pet disaster supplies kits in more detail later. Until then, information about creating your own pet disaster supplies kits can be found here. Happy re-stocking and enjoy your week!

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