Blogger Photoshoot

Greater Columbus Chapter BloggersWho knew the Red Cross could be so glamorous! We invited our chapter bloggers in for lunch today and grabbed a few photos while we were at it. Stay tuned to the blog for stories from each of our bloggers, who are on the front lines of the work Red Crossers are doing in our community everyday. As the posts roll in be sure to check out each of our bloggers bios found in the Meet Our Team section to the right.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Photoshoot

  1. I don’t understand the point of this article. By the title I thought I would get to see picture of volunteers in actions, helping the community. Was this just to tell us to keep reading in the future? I’m confussed. Why don’t you tell us what the Red Cross is doing in this community. Do we have floods here? How many people were helped this year? Do people that you help end up volunteering? This is what I want to hear about!


    1. Sam,
      Thanks for the comment. You have great timing! Our brand new volunteer photographer is out riding with one of our Community Transportation volunteers this morning and when he comes back we will have some wonderful pictures to post not only of our volunteers in action, but of some of the residents who ride to medical appointments with the program. Some of our bloggers are Red Cross volunteers and do plan to share with readers thier experiences in the field and there is certainly much more to come on preparing for disasters and disaster responses in greater Columbus. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!


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